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Upside down liquor dispenser

Our Story

Established in 1990, has been at the forefront of crafting alcohol-related products, including our innovative liquor dispenser. Our business was built on hard work, dedication, passion, and an unwavering love for our craft. As the world evolves, our steadfast commitment to delivering top-notch alcohol-related products, such as our high-quality liquor dispenser, remains our guiding principle.

A Liquor Dispenser Designed To Last A Lifetime

Enjoy a Lifetime Warranty & 30-day Money Back Guarantee

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Buy The Best Liquor Bottle Dispenser at Whiskey Towers

Whiskey Towers offer a curated selection of top-quality liquor bottle dispensers, including the innovative upside-down liquor bottle dispenser which provides a continuous flow of your favorite spirits with ease. Our products combine style and functionality to enhance your home bar or entertaining space and we meticulously test each dispenser to ensure its quality and performance.

At Whiskey Towers, we understand the importance of a seamless pouring experience, which is why we have handpicked liquor bottle dispensers that deliver precision and convenience and you can trust that you are investing in a durable and reliable product.

Elevate your home bar or entertaining space with the best liquor bottle dispenser available. Visit Whiskey Towers today to explore our exceptional collection, including the innovative upside-down liquor bottle dispenser

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Adjusting the Tension On My Tap Handle?

Step 1: Make sure the tension on the handle is not loose
Step 2: Unscrew top screw
Step 3: Tighten the valve as tight as you can
Step 4: Lower valve back to the bottom

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2. How Do I Install My Bar Tap Handles Properly

Step 1: Open valve
Step 2: Screw Handle all the way down to the bottom
Step 3: Back handle up to the proper position
Step 4: Tight valve under handle

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3. How Do I Load my Single & Double Whiskey Tower?

Step 1: Take lid and strainer off bottle
Step 2: Cut plastic seal that holds the lid on
Step 3: Turn tower sideways
Step 4: Place bottle in one hand
Step 5: Tilt tower 45 degrees
Step 6: Insert the bottle into the tower
Step 7: Release air bubble

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4. How Do I Fit My Gaskets Properly With Different Bottle Sizes?

There are two different size gaskets that are included in with your Whiskey Tower. Determine the correct size, with the lid on, and then move forward with loading your bottle. Please watch the video to help answer any questions on customizing your gasket to fit specialty bottles.

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5. How To Install Your Leather Sleeve?

Step 1: Run a lace through the two bottom holes
Step 2: Zig-zag right to left up the tower
Step 3: Once you get to the top you will tie a knot
Step 4: Run the lace through the laces hiding them
Step 5: Cut any excess lacing with a pair of scissors

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